A study brings together the 10 most popular cosplays, according to Instagram tags

A study brings together the 10 most popular cosplays, according to Instagram tags

The explosion of the cosplay culture In recent years, it has become a source of inspiration for many fans who enjoy becoming their favorite characters for a while. It is not only about making a costume as close as possible to the one that the character is wearing to recreate, but also about acquiring the own personality that it demonstrates on screen (or in the comics). Over the years, a multitude of cosplays of all kinds have been seen, which leads us to an interesting question: What are the most popular cosplay?

The people of DIYS I also had that doubt, and they wanted to shed some light on that question. Using as a basis the hastag of Instagram, the company’s analysts have organized the featured cosplays on the social network into different categories (video games, superheroes, television, etc.).

The result is more or less surprising depending on how we are in the world of cosplay. The fact that the first position is for the most recent iterations of Harley quinn shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, especially as the character has become popular thanks to Margot robbie.

We also find characters like Spider-Man, a classic, or even D.Va from Overwatch. Even Doctor Who has made a dent in the “red lantern” of the list. In fact, without further ado we leave you with this curious classification of popularity of cosplay according to the hashtags of Instagram (the number that accompanies the name of the character).

  1. Harley quinn – 676,895
  2. Spider-man – 530,177
  3. Joker – 297,356
  4. Batman – 277,030
  5. Harry Potter – 227,887
  6. Izuku Midoriya (Deku) – 219,178
  7. Deadpool – 209,139
  8. Wonder woman – 208,054
  9. D.Va – 200,391
  10. Doctor who – 146,496

As you can see, in general there is a certain mastery of the characters who have made the leap to the big screen in Marvel and DC movies. What do you think of this list based on the popularity of Instagram hashtags for the most popular cosplay?

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