Venom takes on a massive amount of power in the King in Black Marvel comics

Venom takes on a massive amount of power in the King in Black Marvel comics

Venom is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel comics. The symbiote has built a reputation as an antihero on more than one occasion, saving the day despite being often consumed by the instincts that dominate the entity that inhabits it. Eddie brock. Over the years, the power of Venom in comics it has grown, but never to levels like those we have seen in one of the recently published comics from the House of Ideas.

We refer to King in Black # 5, the comic that comes from the hand of Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer and Frank Martin. Knull and his army have in check all Avengers and the heroes of the Earth and in different parts of the galaxy.

Making use of the Enigma Force, Venom will combine the power of two legendary weapons, the Mjolnir of Thor and the table of Silver Surfer, turned into a sword, to form an overwhelming ax imbued with the power of the aforementioned Enigma Force, which is the only thing that can apparently harm Black King (Knull).

With this power, Venom becomes the new God of light in the comics. The symbiote will save the day in King in Black # 5 by wielding that awesome ax to decimate Knull’s army. Then he will go straight for the villain and embed the weapon in his chest. With Knull defeated, Venom will take him into space and launch him into the Sun, because good symbiotes don’t leave garbage lying around. As long as the Enigma Force allowed him to, Venom has probably been the most powerful hero in Marvel comics in that history. Knull had defeated the other heroes with ease, and Venom as the God of Light has taken care of the villain as if he were on a picnic.

What do you think of the awesome power granted by the Enigma Force?

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