These Asus gaming headphones have 7.1 sound and are discounted at Amazon: they cost you only 99.98 euros

These Asus gaming headphones have 7.1 sound and are discounted at Amazon: they cost you only 99.98 euros

In 2018 Asus announced the arrival of its Asus SOG Strix Fusion 500 headphones, high-end headphones that would delight those gamers looking for the best sound experience, and more if they had other devices in the ROG range with RGB.

And it is that with these headphones and thanks to a special application, you will make your SOG devices dance to the music in a synchronized way to create, thus, a very original gaming setup that will be the envy of the neighborhood. And the good news? That you have these headphones offer for 99.98 euros.

The usual price of these gaming headphones is 147 euros, but Amazon has lowered them by 32% and now, you can save 47 euros on your purchase and get a very high-end gaming headset at a very good price.

Its Aura RGB lighting boasts a spectrum of more than 16.8 million colors and four effects at your disposal. If you play with friends in a tournament and they also have these headphones, you can synchronize them via Bluetooth with a dedicated app to play in sync.

And speaking of synchronization: thanks to Aura Sync technology you can synchronize the lighting of these headphones with the rest of ROG Aura devices that you have in your setup to create game atmospheres as original as immersive.

They have a closed chamber design to ensure rich sound, with more than apparent bass. The headphones are designed with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 40 KHz, which ensures powerful bass and a very clear sound that is faithful to the original game. AND With its ESS 9018 DAC chip you can enjoy lossless playback with a good dynamic range and less distortion.

Without a doubt, get these high-end gaming headphones for less than 100 euros It is a difficult offer to refuse. If you also have Amazon prime or Prime StudentYou can receive them at home tomorrow at no additional cost to enjoy the best sound sooner rather than later.

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