The Thor from the Marvel comics hits this new statue of Kotobukiya

The Thor from the Marvel comics hits this new statue of Kotobukiya

Almost everyone loves the iteration of Thor that Chris Hemsworth interpret in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Beginning in 2011 with the Thor movie, the actor has brought the comic book character to life in three “solo” movies and all of the Avengers choral movies. However, the Thor from the Marvel comics still has a special charm on its own, without the need for a live action adaptation.

Inspired by Norse mythology, the Marvel Thor He is a powerful Asgardian willing to give his life to protect Midgard, as they call Earth. His lightning power and handling of the Mjolnir It didn’t take long for him to become one of the favorite characters of comic book fans.

The people of Kotobukiya knows that this iteration of Thor has a special charm, so they have decided to dedicate one of their amazing figures to it with great detail that makes us feel as if the Thor comics come to life.

For the “modest” price of $ 379, Kotobukiya will release this impressive Thor figure from September 2021. Meanwhile, in Australia, Taika waititi has already started filming Thor: Love and Thunder, the film that will adapt the story of the Mighty thor, the passage from the Marvel comics in which Jane foster (Natalie Portman) assumes the mantle of the God of Thunder. While waiting to see what the characters look like in the new movie, this impressive figure of Kotobukiya serves to appease our craving for Asgardian lightning bolts.

What do you think of the Thor figure from the comics that Kotobukiya has released?

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