The screenwriter of Scarlet Witch and Vision insists on why they included THAT actor in their great cameo

Gathering with SPOILERS on the final chapter of Scarlet Witch and Vision

Despite the fact that Scarlet Witch and Vision ended the broadcast for more than a month, many of its high points are still in the limelight in the Marvel fandom. Something very curious considering that Falcon and the Winter Soldier has already started airing, providing new opportunities for debate. Without a doubt, what has stung Marvel fans the most in many ways was the inclusion of Evan Peters What Pietro maximoff, although it turned out to be a ruse of Agatha Harkness to get Wanda out.

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Jac schaeffer, showrunner of Scarlet Witch and Vision, has re-addressed his decision to include Evan Peters instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, like Pietro in the Marvel series.

Schaeffer explains that the original intention was to evoke one of the consequences of grief in many people, the misrepresentation of the memory of those who have lost. A counselor who counseled the writers pointed them to the fact that many times people forget faces and events as part of their grieving process.

With that in mind, Jac Schaeffer explains that they wanted to include a nod to fans by having Evan Peters play this “remembered” version of Pietro Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch and Vision showrunner also admits that she did not expect that reaction from the fandom, which had been for more than a year without news of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, the explanations of Jac Schaeffer will not prevent, with total security, that the feeling persists that it has been a new “troll” of Marvel when it comes to the Multiverse.

Do you think it was a smart decision to use Evan Peters in Scarlet Witch and Vision?

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