The director of the horror film Host launches the Ghosts campaign, a horror game FMV on Kickstarter

The director of the horror film Host launches the Ghosts campaign, a horror game FMV on Kickstarter

Since Kickstarter the interesting one comes to us GHOSTS proposal, a full motion horror game that has been put in the skin of other titles such as Night Trap, Phantasmagoria and The 7th Guest. It will be in real action, so it must be played at 22:00 local time, directed and written Jed shepherd (Host) in collaboration with Visible Games and Limited Run Games.

With inspirations from the works of the screenwriter Nigel Kneale and movies from the last 25 years will create a horror experience that seeks to chill the blood and bring these games to modern times. As protagonists Emma Louise Webb, Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Radina Drandova and Caroline Ward, you will have creature designs by Trevor henderson (SirenHead).

Jed says he was frustrated by UK lockdown and he saw the escapism of video games, that’s why he rediscovered terror and this FMV genre of the 90s. “I had to make a game with my friends and make it scary, scary to look at the Switch, but do it anyway to help the girls“. That is why he contacted Visible Games to ask them: “What if it was live?“, hence the play at 22:00, so that everyone did it at the same time and it was an unprecedented terrifying event.

They took the idea to Limited Run Games and it was an ipso facto yes, his answer to the question of why is “Why not?“For now there is little they can say, but you will be a TV producer in a van for a failed channel called FrightTV. Your star program is GHOSTS, people just want to see that as it caught millions of viewers exploring haunted places across the country. But its popularity dropped, it was canceled, it went through free channels until it was acquired by FrightTV and relaunched in 2022.

Meanwhile he team explores and watches for your safety, the sounds around the van keep you alert, the neighbors are a bit strange and there is an urban legend of THE TALL WOMAN. It appears in times of tragedy looking out the windows and if you look at her face, you die. As you play as the producer in charge, and it’s live, you have to keep your feet on the ground and react with everything to keep things interesting,

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In front of you there will be cameras filming and heart monitoring, but you decide what to show liveIt can all affect the team and the future of the program. GHOSTS is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4, at the moment it has collected € 40,510 from € 191,205 and will have several editions, take a look at its page on Kickstarter if you are interested in the project.

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