The 3 rules for every comic artist, according to Walter Simonson, Marvel and DC legend

The 3 rules for every comic artist, according to Walter Simonson, Marvel and DC legend

They say that experience is the mother of science, and there is plenty of experience in the field of comic illustration Walter Simonson. The 74-year veteran illustrator has worked on DC and Marvel illustrating comic book covers and vignettes like Thor, X-Men, Wonder Woman and even some Star Wars comic book and novel covers. His name associated with a job is synonymous with quality, and at his age he continues to work in the industry, in addition to teaching courses for future comic artists.

One of his latest works was recently published in Beta Ray Bill # 1. At the end of the issue there is an interview with Simonson where the illustrator reviews what, for him, are the three golden rules that every comic illustrator must follow.

The first of all is make sure their work enhances the story you are telling. “If you wonder if what you are doing is an improvement and you have doubts, you should rethink how you are doing it until it does.”

Additionally, Simonson highly recommends make use of all possible references to support your workEither by looking at photographs or physically visiting locations that help the brain to remember in detail everything that we want to pass to the illustration. And not least, Walter Simonson stresses that the world of comic book illustration is not simple. It is a job that requires a lot of dedication and determination and you have to adapt to the times required to carry it out.

There is no doubt that the advice of someone who has been surprising for decades with their work should be treasured by all those who aspire to become a cartoonist tomorrow.

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