One of the best cheap controllers for PS4 and PC drops more in price: the Nacon Compact, on sale for € 18.99 at Amazon

One of the best cheap controllers for PS4 and PC drops more in price: the Nacon Compact, on sale for € 18.99 at Amazon

I am a huge fan of this controller. It is an example of how an external manufacturer is able to make a quality product at the level of the original, or even above, and all this despite being cheaper. The Nacon Compact for PS4 and PC It is a wired remote, perhaps one of the few drawbacks that can be put, but hence also the cheap price. But even with cable, the quality of the buttons and the build will surprise you even when compared to the original Dualshock 4. And now it also has a price that is impossible to beat.

If you walk looking for a controller that works for PS4 and also for PC, and that is economicalStop looking, because you have already found the one you want to buy. its design is good, sober and in an ideal color that has always been associated with the Sony game console. It lacks absolutely nothing and has nothing to envy the original PlayStation controller. Y costing only 18 euros on amazon, you will hardly be able to find an accessory to play that has a quality / price ratio than this.

It has a symmetrical design, following the Sony product line for its controls, with the two analog sticks located in the lower central positions. In the left main section we have a crosshead for fans of the basic control system, while in the right main section we have the D-Pad with the four traditional action buttons They are a Sony icon.

We do not forget the button Compartir and that of Options, just like him PS button, and of course the touch pad in the center. The L and R buttons They are manufactured in very good quality, and it is easy that they even last longer in good condition than those of the Dualshock 4, and more taking into account the relevant problems that the latter have had, mainly in the case of rather expensive controls.

The controller also includes a headphone jack port, so In terms of the number of functions, you will not find a single difference with the Dualshock 4 remote control. There are a few slight differences in functionality. The command is something more compact, as the name suggests, and the action buttons on the D-Pad are larger. For me they are positive things, but for people with very large hands it may be a bit more uncomfortable. On the other hand, if your hands are normal, or even a little small, something that is not uncommon among gamers, this controller is simply perfect.

And although the cable may seem like a negative, it has its advantages. We do without the battery, the connection system is extremely fast and it will not be a problem for those of us who play many hours and in the end we spend a lot of time with the controller connected anyway. For only 18 euros It is a mandatory purchase for those looking for a remote control to use as the main one, as for those who want a second, third or fourth controller to play with friends.

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