No more running out of space: with this WD Elements external hard drive you will have an additional 12TB for 199 euros

If you like to store all your games and movies, with this 12TB WD Elements hard drive you have plenty of space and only for 199 euros

Now that the games, movies and series are in very high quality, take up a lot of space on your hard drive and few computers have enough capacity as to store everything without agonizing for lack of space. And that’s when external hard drives come to the rescue.

WD Elements is one of the most recognized brands to expand the capacity of your computer or console, since they manufacture very good quality external disks, with a lot of additional space and at a very good price. Like this 12TB external hard drive, which You have it on offer for 199.99 euros.

The original price of this hard drive is 272.72 euros, so imagine the good peak you save. If you don’t feel like doing the calculation, we’ll tell you: you save more than 70 euros and you take home an external hard drive that gives you 12TB of extra space. Tomorrow if you have Amazon prime or Prime Student.

It has a 3.0 interface that guarantees you very good speed and stability. You can use it both on PC and on consoles to save your favorite series, movies, photos and games and not have to suffer to delete this or replace that.

As for its use, it couldn’t be simpler: plug and play. You don’t have to install any additional programs, or drivers, or anything at all; it’s as simple as connecting it to USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port from your computer or console.

Since it is the Desktop model it is not exactly small, but it is not very striking either. This elegantly and soberly designed to take up as little space as possible on your desktop and perfectly concealed with the rest of its elements.

You know, you have it on Amazon on sale for 199.99 euros. A great price considering the additional space that you will get for years, since this brand is characterized by its durability. Take advantage of the advantages of Amazon prime or Prime Student and receive it tomorrow.

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