Monster Hunter Rise gives away a pack of free items to celebrate its 5 million games sold

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It’s been a few days since Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch. However, the new title of the saga, has been released with more than 5 million copies sold, so Capcom wanted to reward the players.

Celebration packs that we have seen in other installments, they have already returned thanks to a first set of free items accessible to all Monster Hunter Rise players. We tell you what you can get with this pack:

As we said, any Rise player can have access to this commemorative pack. All that is required is to update the game on Switch and speak with the messenger Felyne, who can be found in the Kamura village square.

You can only receive the pack once, but this contains a large number of very useful objects for your hunting; including attack and defense boosters and up to thirty Mega Potions that will allow you to save valuable honeys for the next time you want to make the precious healing item.

  • Mega Potions x30
  • Steaks to the point x20
  • Large Barrel Bombs x10
  • Demonic Megadrugs x5
  • Armor Skins + x5

If the game continues down this path, it would not be surprising to receive more free content this way. Remember that the new update 1.1.2 of Monster Hunter Rise fixes the bug that prevented access to the games. If you are a fan of the saga, you surely do not want to miss what Monster Hunter’s food is like in real life, it will make your mouth water.

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