Maximum cruelty: it makes her boyfriend believe that his gift was a PS5 but …

Maximum cruelty: it makes her boyfriend believe that his gift was a PS5 but ...

Due to the shortage of stocks, it is clear that giving a PlayStation 5 is one of the best things we can do to a loved one, but if you have not managed to find the console, perhaps just with the box you could make someone happy, even if it is for a few seconds.

Now from TikTok we get a video in which we see how a girl has apparently given a brand new PS5 to her boyfriend, well wrapped, with all its packaging, but there is a small problem: inside the box is not the new Sony console.

Although it is a rather cruel video, especially for us who are video game players, the truth is that this boy has gone from joy to sadness in just five seconds, which has taken him to remove the wrapping paper, and open the box, finding inside a PlayStation 3.


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The video is full of comments where they consider that the joke is very heavy since it should not play with the illusion of the people, although it seems that in the end the boy has taken it very well, but for now he will have to settle for a two console generations back in time.

Right now PS5 is impossible to get on a regular basis on store shelves, but it has been observed in recent weeks a greater availability in online stores, so if the user is attentive to the different alerts that are launched On social media, you should have no problem getting hold of any available drives.

In any case, it is expected that there will not be enough units of PS5 and Xbox Series X during the next few months, in view of the semiconductor crisis. In addition, it is estimated that in the next Christmas campaign PS5 will once again be the most desired gift.

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