Marvel debuts #ZemoCut: the extended version of Daniel Brühl’s dance in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel debuts #ZemoCut: the extended version of Daniel Brühl's dance in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Daniel Brühl was the undisputed star of last week’s episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Disney + Marvel Studios series. In particular, the Internet loved a three-second shot of his character, Baron Zemo, dancing in a Madripoor nightclub.

The fans, being who they are, started a campaign with the hashtag #ReleaseTheZemoCut, as Brühl declared that he himself improvised the dance, and much more was recorded than what was seen in the chapter. And Disney has responded: here you have the full version of #ZemoCut.

If you know little, Marvel itself has uploaded the one hour version of Zemo dancing, saving some fan work.




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This week we have spoken with Daniel Brühl, Spanish and German actor who has built a prolific career in both countries, and also in American cinema. His Marvel debut was as a villain in Captain America Civil War, a role that continues in the current Marvel Studios series, which comes out every Friday on Disney +.

This time, the fans have gotten away with it, and they have been able to see Zemo giving it his all on the dance floor. A star has been born? Given the popularity that the character has had after a single appearance in the series, it would not be surprising that we see him in the future (if he makes it out of the series alive, of course).

Falcon and the Winter Soldier will issue its sixth and last chapter on April 23, after which we will have a month and a half break until the next Marvel series, Loki, which has just released a trailer.

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