First image from the filming of the live action series Powerpuff Girls

First image from the filming of the live action series Powerpuff Girls

Last summer we learned that The CW had given the green light to a picturesque project that sought to bring back the Powerpuff Girls. The city of Townsville I was in danger again, and just Petal, Cactus and Bubble they could stop evil forces from destroying their beloved home. The project was intended to serve as a “reboot” of the series, although in reality it acted more like a spiritual sequel if we consider its plot.

Thrown into their 20s, Petal, Bubble, and Cactus were disillusioned that they had lost their childhoods fighting crime. However, the call of duty rings again, and the three do not hesitate to launch themselves to defend the innocent from the forces of evil.

Filming The Super Chicks It has already started, although for the moment the order is limited to the pilot episode, not the entire season. If the episode proves to convince the executives, the production of the entire season will be launched.

Thanks to TMZ we get the first images of The Powerpuff Girls with Chloe bennet (Agents of SHIELD), Dove cameron and Yana perrault wearing the characteristic Petal, Bubble and Cactus costumes respectively. In addition, in the own TMZ article You can find a video where Petalo “takes flight” followed closely on foot by Bubble and Cactus. It remains to be seen if the pilot convinces the producers to launch the live-action series Powerpuff Girls.

What do you think of the little that has been seen of the The Powerpuff Girls live-action series?

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