Final Fantasy VII Advent Children will have a new 4K Ultra HD edition in June

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children will have a new 4K Ultra HD edition in June

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, the animated film directed by Tetsuya Nomura, the sequel to Final Fantasy VII, will receive its 4K remastering this year. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announces that the 4K Ultra HD Edition will be available on June 8.

Advent Children is a 3D animated film, released in 2005 as part of Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, a multimedia project that also included the games Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Dirge of Cerberus: FF VII, Crisis Core: FF VII for mobile, PS2 and PSP.

This remastered version in 4K will be compatible with HDR10, will have new audio tracks in English and Japanese Dolby Atmos and 5.1, and will include several extras on a second Blu Ray disc, such as the anime half-length film On the Way to a Smile – Episode: Denzel.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children already came out in HD, in Blu-Ray format, in 2009, and by then included an extended version of the film with 25 extra minutes, revisions of various scenes that brought more background to Cloud. This will also be included in the 4K Ultra HD release.

Advent Children is a direct continuation of the events of the original PlayStation game, although with spectacular character models, light years from the polygons of the 1997 game (much closer to those of the 2020 Remake). Today, according to the continuity of FF VII Remake, Advent Children would no longer be “canon”, although the mobile game Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a remake more faithful to the original, will include the events of the games narrated in Compilation of Final Fantasy, including the film Advent Children.

Fountain: Kotaku

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