Dontnod, in addition to creating games, will also edit third-party studios; getting started with what’s new from PortaPlay

Dontnod, in addition to creating games, will also edit third-party studios;  getting started with what's new from PortaPlay

The study Dontnod It is heading to a new direction, it will be in charge of hosting other studios in its bosom in order to edit games of said third party. Therefore, they announce starting with a new PortaPlay game, creators of Broken lines. The study creator of the already saga Life is Strange announced that it will publish these games, although for the moment there is no more news of when.

On the details of this new game, Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Head of Study, has said in a statement that they feel a “call to create meaningful games“focusing on history”on individuals in crisis with moral dilemmas“A bio with the ad describes PortaPlay as a studio that makes games about”war and conflict, told from the perspectives of the men and women who endure them“.

This announcement comes after several released last year by the CEO of Dontnod, Oskar guilbert, who said the study was creating a publishing and marketing department to self-publish. With this, what they were looking for was to be “as independent as possible“In the future. Dontnod’s chief publisher, Xavier Spinat, indicated that this did not mean, at all, that it was the end of the games created by the studio.

As publishers, we want to offer player experiences that are accessible to a wider audience, while setting the bar high on quality issues.“, He said. “From our first chat with PortaPlay, it was clear that co-producing and editing this original creation would allow us to expand our portfolio with a complementary game to our in-house productions, while maintaining our true DNA.“.

Dontnod recently launched two games of his own: Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why, where we said about the first that “the weight rested on a great story, well-constructed characters and adult themes treated with empathy“; while the second”Thanks to its captivating mystery story, “impossible” decisions and very human characters, it is one of Dontnod’s roundest works.“.

Life is Strange: True Colors, preview of the new game that arrives in September (in full!)

For now it is unknown what Dontnod will do in his next job, but we learned recently that Tencent bought a minority stake for its new IP and that the saga, like Life is Strange Remastered Collection, are in the hands of Deck Nine.


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