Apple claims Epic Games was only interested in publicizing Fortnite with ” Project Freedom ”

Apple claims Epic Games was only interested in publicizing Fortnite with '' Project Freedom ''

Surely you remember the sounded case ” Project Freedom ” or ” Free Fortnite ”, a controversial uproar between Epic Games and Apple this past summer. As a result of legal problems between the two companies, Epic withdrew Fortnite and other applications from the App Store, which has given much to talk about in recent months.

Although Apple has said numerous times that Fortnite could return whenever it wanted to the iOS platformsThe truth is that the legal conflict is far from over. This morning we learned that Apple is preparing a lawsuit for next month, indicating that Epic had hidden interests behind the case

As reported by CNET and the GameSpot portal, Apple suggests that Epic Games only wanted to publicize Fortnite with the whole issue of Project Freedom, and that it was a marketing maneuver orchestrated by the company led by Tim Sweeney. Not only that, but Apple states that Epic tried to change the policies and terms of use of the company.

Apple is among the most innovative, competitive, dynamic, and creative companies in America, and millions of people benefit from its products and services. Those products and services are the result of billions of dollars of investment, plus a lot of time and thought, and represent the intellectual property of Apple” says Apple’s statement.

This accusation by Apple has not yet been replicated by Epic, although it is expected that in the next few hours there will be a controversial earthquake in the networks. Apparently, Apple to present internal documents from Epic Games, to prove that it was the video game studio itself that faked the conflict to publicize Fortnite. They believe that free to play lost ground to Call of Duty Warzone, and Epic acted.




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In case you have not found out that the controversy is going, we will explain it to you. Epic Games updated Fortnite last summer, introducing a new payment method that circumvented Apple user policies (thus cutting 30% of profits for iOS business). This triggered the removal of Fortnite from Apple platforms, and the entire advertising campaign around the video game for PC, consoles and mobiles.

The trial between Epic Games and Apple the next one will start May 3, and it is expected that these accusations will weigh heavily on the future of the case, if Apple can prove them. As a curiosity, Epic is also in conflict with Google, for a similar issue.

Fountain: GameSpot

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