An interview with ex-Nintendo designer Takaya Imamura reveals unknown details of Star Fox and F-Zero

An interview with ex-Nintendo designer Takaya Imamura reveals unknown details of Star Fox and F-Zero

An old interview with Takaya Imamura, for Nintendo Dream released 2002 has been translated from Japanese by Shmuplations, which has allowed us to know new and curious details about mythical sagas of the great N as Star Fox or F-Zero.

The interview initially covered the launch of Star Fox Adventures, which was developed in conjunction with Rare, addresses interesting details about the saga and Imamura’s views. We leave you with some of the most curious statements, but you can consult the entire interview here.

On the design of the Star Fox characters, initially, Imamura planned to have endowed them with an identity more akin to the F-Zero pilots, rather than anthropomorphic animals, but Miyamoto dropped the idea. I was planning to draw cooler characters in the F-ZERO vein for Star Fox, but then Miyamoto surprised me with “how about animal characters?”

In addition, the origin of some characters has also been mentioned, such as Falco, who was initially based on a pheasant or Fox, which was based on the foxes of a nearby Inari Shrine: I thought I would try to design an animal character, and someone commented “well, the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine is right next to the office, so maybe a fox would be fine.”

Those words were also Miyamoto’s doing, who he even suggested a penguin as the main character. In the interview the origin of the name “Star Fox” is discussed and there is an alternative that was considered that surely sounds familiar to you:

Initially, we suggest names like “Star Glider” and “Starcraft”; we were the first to create “Starcraft”, Imamura commented between laughs. We were working around the premise that “star-something” was the title. The designer acknowledged that it was inspired by Star Wars.

The interview addresses many curious topics such as more details about Star Fox 64, Dinosaur Plantet or that Imamura wanted to build stories for each pilot in F-Zero and Star Fox and even mentions Krystal, a character to whom the designer was very attached. With a design based on Vampirella, it is commented how Miyamoto always wanted to treat Star Fox as a mature franchise and gave a “slightly sexy” touch to the character, although without going too far.

Nintendo Zoom Star Fox Zero

Many fans hope that Star Fox and F-Zero will return at some point. Both series and many others owe much to Takaya Imamura, who recently retired after 32 years with the company.

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