An Ancient Aliens movie is in the works with the creators of Cobra Kai

An Ancient Aliens movie is in the works with the creators of Cobra Kai

“Aliens, it’s the only explanation.” Besides being a hilarious source of conspiracy memes, Ancient aliens (Aliens), the pseudoscientific series that has been broadcast in History Channel Since 2009, he has brought unique and interesting insights to some of the greatest achievements and events in human history. Of course, the series’ greatest achievement has been turning Giorgio A. Tsoukalos in one of the Internet’s favorite memes.

Ancient Aliens addresses the alleged involvement of alien forces in many of humanity’s great achievements, especially in ancient times, bringing to the fore some interventionist theories by aliens that would have guided humanity or even assumed the role of gods by eye. of the humans.

Now, the creators of Cobra Kai are preparing to bring a film adaptation of Ancient Aliens to the big screen. Josh heald will be in charge of directing the project for Legendary Pictures, while the other two showrunners of the Karate Kid sequel series, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg they will serve as producers.

According to statements by Heald collected by Deadline, “to be able to face this project with my colleagues Cobra Kai it’s a dream. “In addition to the three showrunners, Luke ryan will be in charge of writing the script for the Ancient Aliens movie, where he will also serve as executive producer. At the moment the approach they want to give to this film is unknown, which, according to Heald, “will cover the entire world.” The only thing we are clear about at this point is that this project is a clear alien intervention in Hollywood.

What do you think of this Ancient Aliens film project that the creators of Cobra Kai embark on?

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