Xbox would be in negotiations to buy another large studio and announce it this year, according to an insider

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Microsoft has put all the meat on the spit to start the generation of Xbox Series X | S With good feet. And what if it has succeeded, with a good sales rate, the closing of the Bethesda purchase and the imminent arrival of exclusives like Halo Infinite … but there could be more surprises.

We already know that there are some Xbox Series X | S games that have not yet been announced, but the point is that, after buying Bethesda, Microsoft would be in negotiations to buy another great studio. Nor is a collaboration for add more titles to Game Pass or publish third party games.

The information comes from Jez Corden of Windows Central, who has shared an enigmatic tweet in which he does not rule out the addition of a new studio to the Xbox Game Studios organization chart. They have already come to the fore some big names, like Ubisoft or Sega, although at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

In recent months there have been many rumors about Microsoft’s new big studio, after Bethesda. Last year he signed up for Sega, but the rumors dissipated shortly after. Another possibility is Ubisoft, in a similar way to what has happened with EA Play in Game Pass.

Jez Corden himself also does not specify whether it is the purchase of a studio, or perhaps from a collaboration to add more games to Game Pass, or perhaps in the form of publishing games from a third-party company. For example, it has been mentioned that Persona 5 Royal could reach the Xbox Game Pass service, after the success of the Yakuza saga on that platform.




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Another interesting point to note is that Square Enix will add six more games to Game Pass (perhaps Final Fantasy VII Remake is among them), so it may not be a complete addition, but a collaboration in the style of what we have seen with Electronic Arts. .

At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but certainly Microsoft continues to move to provide Xbox Series X | S users with as many games as possible. Not in vain, those of Redmond will celebrate different events for this summer, before the celebration of E3 2021.

Source: GamesRadar

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