Who is Teo González, the Mexican comedian who disguises himself as Tao Pai Pai

Who is Teo González, the Mexican comedian who disguises himself as Tao Pai Pai

In this life there are people who seem to have been born to give life to a specific character. Sometimes those people are actors like Robert Downey Jr. giving life to Tony Stark in Iron Man or Hugh jackman pulling out the claws of Wolverine in the X-Men movies. But it’s not always about actors, sometimes people who go a bit more unnoticed have such a reasonable resemblance to a character that people can’t help but highlight it.

With that premise we meet Teo Gonzalez, a Mexican comedian who is the spitting image (in the flesh, of course) of Tao pai pai, the murderer who tried to liquidate Goku in Dragon Ball and characterized by its pink clothes.

That trademark mustache, the long braid of his hair, and his own facial features have often been factors that have made people compare Teo González to this character from the manga of Akira toriyama (Toriyama Akira).

Of course, with such a reasonable resemblance, it was only a matter of time before Teo González took advantage of it. The comedian has appeared in an ad for the new season of Doctor Goku Super, the hilarious web series that parodies Dragon Ball and that you can see on the YouTube channel of KidGüero Studios. Teo González recreates the acrobatic movements of the character while anticipating the new season of the Dragon Ball parody series.

What do you think of Teo González’s resemblance to Tao Pai Pai?

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