Valheim players recreate White Race and Skyrim’s Dragon Basin in incredible detail

Valheim players recreate White Race and Skyrim's Dragon Basin in incredible detail

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim reached the hearts of many players thanks to its landscapes and locations dreamlike. The Nordic theme that the region had has been captured in the retinas of many fans and some of them have wanted to take that nostalgia to the next level.

Valheim has been a huge success, in part thanks to its Viking theme. The options available to this open world and survival title have allowed unleash the creativity of the players, some fans of Skyrim … You can already imagine the result.

The construction of buildings and structures It is one of Valheim’s strengths and many players take advantage of it to recreate iconic monuments or buildings within the world of video games. Few things more iconic for fantasy and role-playing lovers than White Race and Dragon Basin of Skyrim.

YouTube users VanillaBryce and FivOJ They have recreated, with incredible detail, the Palacio del Jarl de Carrera Blanca and the tavern of the famous town. Everything bears a strong resemblance to the Bethesda title. We leave you both videos so you can appreciate the colossal work of recreation.

Despite the fact that Skyrim had a motley map, Carrera Blanca was the first large population which players accessed after a while and where The Elder Scrolls V began to put all his cards on the table.

They weren’t the only crazy constructions in the game. Did you know that Valheim already has its own Tower of Sauron, Barad-dûr, in the game world?

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