U-tad expands its training offer to respond to the demand for digital profiles in the post-pandemic world

U-tad expands its training offer to respond to the demand for digital profiles in the post-pandemic world

The Covid-19 pandemic ha accelerated the digital transformation of companies, new job opportunities emerge and sectors and jobs that would have taken longer to establish themselves are consolidated. This has abruptly but realistically shown which professionals are vital, both for the continuity of business and the economy, and for the areas that are experiencing the most growth.

U-tad, the University Center for Technology and Digital Art, presents at the International Student and Educational Offering Exhibition (AULA) in online format from April 1, its catalog of degrees adapted to the current demands of the business market. Highlights the First Double Degree in Software Engineering and Computational Physics in Spain, to form highly qualified profiles in all kinds of economic activities related to digitization.

According to Adecco, “technology-related jobs (developers, consultants, and engineers of all kinds) top the list of most in-demand jobs, and higher education is required to access such positions”. There is great demand for experts in cybersecurity, big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, math, physics, simulation, virtual reality… The epidemic has also increased digital consumption, and industries such as video games and animation have not slowed down all these months, accelerating a trend that will drive the hiring of experts in the development of this content.

The World Economic Forum estimates that in 2022, machines and algorithms will have 42% of the working hours in the world, being STEM degrees (Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) those that are generating greater business demand and job placement. Spain has a low proportion of graduates: a 22% versus the European average of 34% or 37% for Germany, a problem aggravated by the gender gap in these degrees, where few women still enroll.

This year it presents in Aula as the only university in Spain that will teach, as of September, the first Double Degree in Software Engineering and Computational Physics. Their knowledge is also essential in other areas less known to the public, such as computer imaging, artificial vision, etc. On the other hand, the Double Degree in ‘Software Engineering and Computational Mathematics specializes in the field of Data Engineering, one of the areas with the greatest job projection today. In its training offer there is also the only one Official Degree in ‘Software Engineering’ which offers the student the possibility of choosing between three specialization mentions: Big data, Cybersecurity and Graphic Programming, Immersive Systems and Videogames.

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Also, in U-tad also offers a Higher Degree Training Cycle in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments and another in Multiplatform Application Development‘, the latter also in dual version. For more information from U-tad They can inform you of all this and much more in detail.

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