Trailer of Harold Halibut, the game with a beautiful Stop Motion aesthetic and a delusional story

Trailer of Harold Halibut, the game with a beautiful Stop Motion aesthetic and a delusional story

Slow Bros., An indie studio in Germany is working on a spectacular project that will delight all fans of stop-motion films, especially those with a more “sinister” theme such as The Worlds of Coraline.

This is Harold Halibut, a game made with Unity, but in which everything is handmade: the characters, settings and all the “props”, and they are animated imitating the frame by frame style. Harold Halibut It will be a narrative game, although the gameplay seems minimal, and they themselves define it as a cross between a game and a stop-motion movie.

Without a doubt, his visual style is impressive, although the story is not far from it. The story takes place the Fedora in a spaceship, like an ark, that spent 250 years traveling through space to a planet … that ended up being uninhabitable.

Thus, all the inhabitants they got stuck in the shipresigned to never being able to return to Earth (and trapped in a Cold War era aesthetics, which was when the ship fled from the planet on the brink of collapse).

Harold Halibut

Only the ship’s scientist, Jeanne mareauxHe works tirelessly on a way out to find another habitable planet. You play Harold, an assistant scientist, distracted with the various tasks of the ship and its inhabitants … until you discover a new submerged world that no one knew about, and could be the key to salvation.

Harold Halibut

The whole story will be narrated with dialogue, while you explore the ship, talk to its inhabitants and from time to time you operate some of the machinery, we assume that in the form of minigames.

Harold Halibut is very ambitious, and has been in development for PC for more than five years (has a tab on Steam) and consoles. Yet no launch windowAlthough the newly revealed trailer shows some very advanced work.

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