This pack for Nintendo Switch includes a controller and headphones, and it also costs only 24.99 euros

This pack for Nintendo Switch includes a controller and headphones, and it also costs only 24.99 euros

Either because of their design or because of the drifting problem, the Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch give as many joys as headaches. Is the reason why many players decide to enjoy their Nintendo Switch with alternate controllers professional quality, to play comfortably for hours.

What if that command also came with headphones included? Well, better than better! This is what happens with this BlackFire pack with which you can get a professional asymmetric controller and a gaming headset with a microphone to match your Switch. And it costs you only 24.99 euros!

Get this pack command + headphones for Switch for 24.99 euros

It’s about the command BlackFire Wired Controller that, to give you an idea, on Amazon alone costs you 16.99 euros. As for the accompanying headphones, it is the BlackFire Gaming Headset, which is individually priced at 20.99 euros also on Amazon.

Let’s talk about command first. As you see, it is an asymmetric control with a design that closely resembles that of the Xbox peripheral: large, ergonomic and designed for long gaming sessions.

Includes buttons +, -, capture, Home, directional pad, A, B, X, Y, L / R, ZL / ZR and analog joysticks. Too incorporates a Turbo / Clear function with LED indicator, VIBRATIONDUO vibration motors and a 3 meter USB-C cable to charge and play. Of course, it is not compatible with NFC or with a motion sensor.

Accompanying this command are some headphones that also work with cable, specifically with a 1.10 meter that works with a 3.5 mm jack. It features a cushioned headband and controllers so you can wear them for hours without burning your ears.

Includes an adjustable microphone with volume control for both the game and the voice, as well as a button to mute the microphone when you are not going to use it, or do not want to. Great for professional gaming sessions on your Switch.

Well that, a pack is very interesting if you want to renew your Nintendo Switch accessories at a price as cheap as 24.99 euros. There are remote controls or headphones that by themselves cost you that or more, so it is a good opportunity to take a couple of accessories at a great price.

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