They discover a possible new dock for Nintendo Switch in the files of the recent update 4K output?

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Nintendo Switch Pro It has been hoarding rumors, theories and lots of details for a few months now. After taking a good X-ray of the new Switch Pro, which will be the new Nintendo consoles, recent files have rescued what could be a new dock.

Diving among the new files that update 12.0.0 has left us. of the console, which was launched yesterday, a dataminer has discovered, a file that refers to something dubbed under the name “Cradle Classroom”, which has raised the suspicions of many users.

Cardle “would refer to Dock and the term “Classroom” may sound familiar to you and this name has already been mentioned before and has starred in various news stories where it was said that it made mention of the new Nintendo Switch Pro. Does this mean that the file refers to a new dock with 4K output?

Of course, it is the theory that has been circulating in networks, although nothing can be clarified on this subject. What does seem to be ruled out is an update of the Nintendo Switch dock itself, since it has not had updates for four years.

OatmealDome, who published the discovery, commented: The Dock itself only contains USB chips, a MyDP -> HDMI converter, and a flash memory to store your firmware. I’m not sure what the point of an update would be considering how basic it is on the inside. I am aware that you have never received one before. In addition, he also shared that the recent update added the following information: 4kdp_preferred_over_usb30.

Would all this lead to the commented Nintendo Switch Pro and a dock with support and 4K output? It will be time to wait for an official confirmation. There are few speculations that have taken place. Nintendo Switch Pro would feature exclusive games, according to a latest rumor.

Source: Nintendo Life

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