The Xiaomi Mi TV 4S with Android TV and 4K, for only 299 euros in the Media Markt online store: ideal for PS5 and Xbox

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4S with Android TV and 4K, for only 299 euros in the Media Markt online store: ideal for PS5 and Xbox

Television remains one of the most important elements of any home. Perhaps now we no longer pay so much attention to the “silly box”. We are more of Smart TV, and of putting the series, movies or programs that we want at all times. And that’s why when it comes to buying a screen for the home, we want it to have all the necessary functions. Is Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is, by far, one of the most balanced options if you want a smart TV, with everything you may be looking for and at a very cheap price.

It has 4K, the standard resolution at this time. Its size is 43 inches, enough for a medium sized living room, and remarkably large for a bedroom. And it also has Android TV, so we can install apps like Netflix, Disney + and company. All this without forgetting a demolition price of 299 euros in the online store of Media Markt, a highly trusted platform. Can you ask for more?

Xiaomi has a special ability to launch products that have an optimal quality / price ratio. It is the case of this television. Are there better ones? Yes. For this price? Absolutely not. The 4K resolution, in combination with HDR imaging technology brings the screen to the current standards that any new buyer should look for when purchasing a new screen.

In fact, its resolution makes it possible to be a good option for those who want to play at full resolution with a new generation game console such as the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. It is true that there will always be gaming monitors with better resolution and better performance, but with other limitations in size or functions, as well as in price. This Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is a good option for those who simply want to play casually with a big screen.

And besides all that, has Android TV. This makes installing an application as easy as installing it on your mobile. We have a good selection of apps in the Google Play Store that are optimized to be used on a television and that we will install in a simple way. In this way we can get apps like Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video without having to connect any additional device, and we can see the contents in 4K.

For only 299 euros, and being sold by a store like Media MarktIt is a safe purchase and a great opportunity if you were looking to acquire a new television with a balanced price.

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