The most demanded Android TV Box is on offer: you have a Xiaomi Mi TV Box with 4K for 49.99 euros

The most demanded Android TV Box is on offer: you have a Xiaomi Mi TV Box with 4K for 49.99 euros

When we talk about converting a widescreen TV to use into a Smart TV, the typical devices come to mind: what if Chromecast, what if Fire Stick, … But, without a doubt, one of the user’s favorites to harness the potential of Android TV It’s the Xiaomi Mi TV Box.

This little box It has everything you need to make the most of your TV, even if this is not a Smart TV. There are plenty of reasons to get a Xiaomi Mi TV Box, but today we are going to give you one more reason: it is on sale. Specific, You have it for 49.99 euros in Mediamarkt, 20 euros less than its usual price.

This TV Box provides you infinite entertainment in a single device, since combines the best of a TV Box and an HDMI dongle. You can access the Google Play Store to download all the applications you want and use your TV as a multimedia center and even manage it from your phone.

In fact, you can mirror thanks to its DLNA, Google Cast and Miracast connection to send the screen of your phone or tablet to your TV. Too It has a support to reproduce 4K HDR at 60 fps via an HDMI 2.0 port.

As for the connection, improves Bluetooth 4.2 playback to be able to connect other devices compatible with Android. Incorporates the Google voice assistant so you can handle it with your voice, plus new support for Dolby and DTS audio for immersive, three-dimensional sound.

Includes a remote control with two new buttons, one dedicated to Netflix and another configurable so you can quickly access the application you want. And as a culmination, a third button for the native Google assistant; just by pressing it and speaking, you will have in your hand all the answers and functionalities.

Take advantage of this offer to get the most demanded Android TV Box on the market at a reduced price: 49.99 euros. And get the most out of it with these tips to get the most out of your Mi TV Box.

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