The best legendary Outriders weapons for each class

The best legendary Outriders weapons for each class

The legendary weapons in Outriders They are the best in the game, and it is convenient that you know all the ones that exist, and among them, those that we consider to be the best so that you use them much more in the games when you have them available.

The legendary weapons of Outriders are the most sought after, and surely many of them you have not discovered yet, and so that you are not caught by surprise, we are going to tell you all that exist and the best that are working for us right now.

Note that we can find them in many ways in our games, and each with its own additions or modifiers that you should know.

The best legendary Outriders weapons for each class

Before we expose them to you, the way you have to get legendary weapons are:

  • May drop when completing side quest rewards
  • Some strong enemies can drop them
  • With this method

We advise you to set your world level to 15, the highest possible level, which gives you a bonus of the Legendary drop rate modifier of more than 300%.

List of all available legendary weapons

The screenshots provided come from the Twitter account OutridersPlus, who has dedicated himself to finding all the legendary weapons in the game:

Top 3 Legendary Weapons

Aerie Master

This is a shotgun with an incredible set of perks that will allow you to take down enemies with one shot.

  • One of its modifications will allow us to throw the enemies into the air for five seconds, where they will be immobilized to finish them off.
  • The other addition is the critical point that increases the chance of getting a critical shot by 15%.


It is quite a powerful legendary assault rifle, and its advantage makes it a really interesting addition to our games.

  • With modifications it has the invocation of a lightning that deals 26 damage with each shot.
  • He is also capable of recovering 30% critical damage

Amber Vault

It is a slightly rare pistol, but with a really powerful damage that has left us really surprised.

  • As a bonus, it makes the shots increase the damage by 30% for 30 seconds, an advantage that accumulates with every five deaths we get.
  • Another mod makes critical shots consume no ammo.

We have put it in the first place because we consider it to be the most devastating weapon we have found so far, being able to defeat a group of enemies in just a few seconds.

Now you know what are the best Outriders legendary weapons and also all those that exist for you to take it into account. If you want more information about Outriders, do not hesitate to consult our analysis. We also explain what they are and how expeditions are accessed in Outriders and how to change the world category.

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