Slaughter and Scarlet Witch and Vision are “stylized” with the new Toybox figures

Hot Toys presents its new and impressive Scarlet Witch figure with the new costume seen in the series

A little over a month ago we said goodbye to Scarlet Witch and Vision, the first Marvel Studios series for Disney Plus that opened the can of phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany They resumed their roles in the UCM in a series that gave them the prominence that they could not have on the big screen. Naturally, the merchandising machinery surrounding the series is still considerable.

Toybox, the line of Disney figures that followed the style of Disney infinity, has launched the pack of the happy couple who tried to live the American dream in Scarlet Witch and Vision. Wanda wears her new outfit while Vision wears something translucent to represent her power. The set of the two figures is priced at $ 18.99.

The style of these figures seeks not to require the image rights of the actors (although Disney should not have a special problem with it), something similar to what happens with figures like Funko Pop!, whose style helps to not require so many licenses and rights, although some do, of course.

In addition to the Scarlet Witch and Vision figures, Toybox also brings us the figure of Slaughter, the symbiote serial killer who is the “alter ego” of Cletus Kasady. We will see this character as the main antagonist of the Venom movie: There will be Carnage, where Woody harrelson will give life to the character and will face the Venom of Tom hardy. The Matanza figure includes additional arms, because when one is a potential butcher, it is better to have more hands for the task. The Matanza figure costs $ 12.99.

What do you think of the stylized figures of Scarlet Witch and Vision and Carnage?

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