New trailer for Miitopia, the funny RPG for Switch starring Mii

New trailer for Miitopia, the funny RPG for Switch starring Mii

Nintendo Switch will receive on May 21 Miitopia, a nice RPG adventure starring … you. Or for your friends and enemies, because all characters in the game will be Miis: our gang, the princess, the king or the evil wizard. Their interactions will be as important as the turn-based battles (very simple) and other RPG components.

A new trailer has just been released that summarizes all the keys to the game. It all begins by creating our Mii, which we can import from those we already have on the console, and edit it more thoroughly in the game, with new hair and makeup options. In addition, we can share the Miis and download those created by other users, using a code.

In Miitopia, our squad of heroes will traverse the world battling monsters, and then resting in inns. Yes we put our characters together a lot, they will develop affinity and they will improve in combat … although sometimes, depending also on their personality, they will get angry with each other.

In addition, each Mii will be able to have their own trade: from the most common, such as swordsman or magician, to more unusual ones such as singer (who fights with the microphone) or chef (who beats enemies with the pan). You can even be a cat!

Do not expect too much depth in its RPG side, as many of its options focus more on the social component and in the fun interactions of the characters, with which we can go to the movies, fishing or karaoke (skipping the medieval aesthetic a bit, but hey).


Miitopia is a conversion of the game that came out in 2017 on Nintendo 3DS. Therefore, you will be able to know much more about Miitopia by reading our original analysis. In the absence of surprises, it will be Nintendo’s only first party release for Switch in May.

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