New trailer and gameplay of Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai for mobile and closed beta in the west starting today

New trailer and gameplay of Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai for mobile and closed beta in the west starting today

A few weeks ago we already told you about this game that he plans launch Square Enix for mobile devices this year, it’s called Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds. It is a free to play game developed by Welcome, the studio in charge of Fire Emblem Heroes, with real-time combat and three lanes to guide the characters.

For now, not much else was known except what we already told you about the game last March, although now Square Enix has released a second gameplay trailer. With this, in addition to going a little deeper with the title, they have announced that the Action RPG will have open beta starting this month, we leave you with this trailer.

The story of the game takes center stage with the Disciples of Avan with a world tormented by the forces of evil. A swordsman and his friends set out on an adventure to defeat Hadlar, the Dark Lord. Many years have passed since Heroes restored peace… The characters are very diverse:

  • Dai: Raised under the tutelage of Avan, the hero who once saved the world.
  • Popp: Admirer of Avan, apprentice magician and easily carried away, but very compassionate.
  • Maam: Defender of Nayle, her homeland, with the magic of the projectile that Avan gave her, a powerful girl who does not hesitate to fight, but who also has a kind side.
  • Avan: Former hero and mentor to Dai and his friends, despite his mischievous side he has an iron will and is a kind mentor.
  • Crocodine: Commander of the Dark Legion of Furfang, vicious monsters who, like him, are not afraid of death on the battlefield.
  • Hyunckel: Commander of the Dark Undead Legion, fallen warriors who have transcended death. He can repel spells and was once Avan’s first disciple.
  • Talk: Once he was Dark Lord, he commands an army of monsters that make the world tremble, he was revived by Vearn, Dark King.

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bond It will arrive during the present 2021 around the world, although for now without a specific date. Pre-registration is now available for Android at Google play and one Closed beta available from today until April 15 in the West.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai released its first 4 chapters on Crunchyroll

We will keep you posted on future news about the game.

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