New statements by Ray Fisher about his problems with Josh Whedon in Justice League

New statements by Ray Fisher about his problems with Josh Whedon in Justice League

It had been some time since the hornet’s nest that is the controversy between Ray Fisher and Josh Whedonas well as the producers of Justice League Geoff Johns, Jon Berg and Toby Emmerich, I was a little calm. A new interview of the actor who plays Cyborg granted to The Hollywood Reporter has again brought to the fore, in addition to recent statements by Gal Gadot in a similar vein, albeit with less detail.

After enjoying greater representation and prominence in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Fisher has spoken about the treatment received by Whedon and the producers of the film that was released in 2017 around the world.

The actor recalls that, despite being the only black person (that he remembers) with some creative power over the film, Whedon and the producers ignored their advice on how the black community would view the representation of Cyborg that they wanted to bring to the great screen.

Fisher highlights the way in which the fact that both of Cyborg’s parents were geniuses was removed, something rare in films. He also points to the fact that Geoff Johns suggested that his iteration of Cyborg be “more like Quasimodo than Frankenstein“, because they did not want to have” an angry black man throughout the movie. “The actor also recalled the problem of the character’s catchphrase in the original version, where they ended up taunting him to say”booyah“, even though he didn’t want his character to” have any catchphrases. “

Fisher and Warner they almost definitely parted ways a few months ago, and it seems that the situation, at this moment, is irreconcilable. The truth is that it seems that this crossing of statements is far from over.

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