GTAV RP resurfaces and makes GTAV the most watched game of the first quarter of 2021, above League of Legends

GTAV RP resurfaces and makes GTAV the most watched game of the first quarter of 2021, above League of Legends

GTA Online has made the Rockstar Games title more popular (even) than you might have thought in 2013. With millions in sales of close to 150, it has been the number one for several months. 2nd best-selling game ever, just below Minecraft. In large part, this is thanks to the success that its own community has generated, enhanced by the attention from LeBron James, Travis Scott

With this, and everyone coming back to RP scene (RolePlaying) including many YouTubers who are still in the game, GTA V has taken the reins of 2021. With more than 536 million hours in visualizations through Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, has been able to surpass another of the unstoppable in the sector: League of Legends.

This rally has led GTA V to the top of the first quarter of 2021, accumulating 2.4 million hours in views more than League of Legends. In fact, it is now as the most watched in games so far, according to Stream Hatchet, the world’s viewers have accumulated almost 9 billion hours in stream in these first three months of the year. GTA V has absorbed almost all of that, taking almost 6% of the market share.

Among the most popular channels there are some big in GTA, with participations of xQc, the most viewed of 2020, until shroud and Valkyrae, many have been in GTA RP. It is these well-known streamers who have made the leap to GTA, similar to many others on the list, which in addition to those mentioned they’re in the Top 10 this way:

  1. GTA V
  2. League of Legends
  3. Fortnite
  4. Garena Free Fire
  5. Minecraft
  6. PUBG Mobile
  7. Call of Duty Warzone
  8. Rust
  9. Valorant
  10. CS: GO

League of Legends, although in the 2nd place, it dominated 2020 as the most watched competitive then and continues to be very strong in 2021; as it was understandable. Yes GTA V falters at some point henceforth, it is obvious that positions can change again.

GTA V, Zombie Army 4, NHL 21 and more come to Xbox Game Pass in April and xCloud adds 50 games with touch control

It is worth emphasizing that League of Legends adds 145 million more hours In visualizations than Fortnite, 3rd on the list.

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