Forza Motorsport 8 has started testing sessions to get feedback from the players and you can participate too

Forza Motorsport 8 has started testing sessions to get feedback from the players and you can participate too

The Forza game saga continues to be one of Microsoft’s most popular installments in terms of driving, perpetuated by the success of Forza Horizon 4. But one cannot forget the roots of what has brought it where it is now, with the Motorsport saga that was announced last July for Xbox Series X and PC with a trailer.

The eighth installment of the franchise that was born in the first Xbox It has only been seen with this trailer of the Xbox Games Showcase, still without news and / or news of the game. Luckily for many players, some of them will be able to play an early version of the title, since since Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft they are looking for feedback from these same players.

Through a video published through the official Forza Motorsport Twitter account, its Creative Director Chris Esaki has revealed wanting opinions based on gaming sessions. All this part of a initiative by Turn 10 to collect as many opinions as possible, regarding the development of the game, since they seem to want an optimal development of the title.

Everyone who wants and / or is interested in opting to see how advanced it is right now Forza Motorsport 8, they can leave their data. If they are chosen to give their feedback, or you are one of the chosen ones, you will play a version of the title of Turn 10 Studios; We leave you with the tweet in question that we talked about before.

¿You want to participate in this campaign launched around Forza Motorsport 8? Simply enter this link, but first of all you must take into account two requirements: be 18 years or older and accept the Microsoft Confidentiality Agreement.

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For now that’s it, remember that Forza Motorsport 8 Announced for Xbox Series X / S and PC, it is not clear if the game is in development for Xbox One and there is still a while to see it ready.

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