Find My: Apple finally opens third-party testing

Find My: Apple abre finalmente las pruebas a terceros

It seems incredible that almost a year has passed since the Find My announcement at last year’s WWDC. An announcement that, as we already told at the time, went a bit unnoticed, since the Apple Silicon announcement overshadowed, at that time, practically everything that happened at last year’s developer meeting. Ads that, however, over the months have managed to regain the interest that in June of last year they did not finish obtaining.

It happened at the time with the privacy advances of iOS 14, and it will also happen with Find My, Appl’s device location serviceand. Known in its early days as Find my iPhone and Find my iPad, this is probably one of the most useful iCloud services, and I would dare say that, for many users, also the most widely used. And I have known quite a few cases of people who have been able to recover their devices thanks to it.

In June of last year, Apple announced that the service was going to improve with Find My network, which is nothing more than the possibility that any Apple device can act, permanently, as a detector for lost property associated with the service. In this way, if, for example, you lose your phone in a public place, anyone with Find My who accesses it can detect it and contact you to send it to you.

A key aspect of that announcement was that the service would be available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch andThird party accessories coming soon. Yes, Apple, a company that usually keeps its ecosystem quite closed to outside elements, was considering extending this function to third-party devices and accessories that, yes, would have to be approved by Apple, and that once inside the program, They can also be located with this function.

Well, almost 10 months after that announcement, today we know from TechCrunch that Apple has already opened Find My to third-party testing, specifically to those who have an MFi (Made For iPhone) license. Starting this weekend, they can already begin to test the operation of this service on their accessories, in order to subsequently send them to Apple to assess them and issue certifications to compatible products.

Without a date, for now, Apple informs manufacturers that this technology will be launched “soon”, which invites us to think about this year’s WWDC, and incidentally rethink the possible launch date of the expected Air Tags.

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