Castlevania Resurrection Dreamcast demo appears on eBay and in a few hours it is over $ 6,000

Castlevania Resurrection Dreamcast demo appears on eBay and in a few hours it is over $ 6,000

The other day we told you the story behind the well-known and canceled Castlevania Resurrection, which through the portal of Dreamcast Game Information Preservation they informed us that the game existed. Well, rather not the whole game itself, only several playable parts and some bosses, all accessible from a special menu.

In a video in which you can see all this, uploaded to YouTube under the name of “Castlevania Resurrection Exists!“It showed us a bit what it was like to play the title that was going to be one of the 3D bets of the saga. But of course, from the web they wondered what was going to happen now with this demo, since an acquaintance of his had it, who was who had let him know.

Well now it seems that everything has already been decided, this person has opted for auction the E3 demo through the eBay platform, with a success that should surprise no one. You can see how the process goes through this link, but rest assured, there are still 9 days until it ends.

Of course, those who have not taken it easy have been all the people who have bid to get the copy, in a few hours it already exceeded $ 3,000. A quantity that he has very easily left behind again, the copy – the only one in existence believed – of Castlevania Resurrection for Dreamcast already has $ 6,600 in total bids.

Obviously, and with every day left until the eBay auction ends, this figure will only increase more and more. Although, well, maybe I won’t do it anymore and the last person to bid has (unknowingly) taken the copy.

Castlevania, the vampires and the myth of Dracula – The gathering!

¿Don’t dare to bid a little more to get the only known copy in existence of Castlevania Resurrection for Dreamcast?

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