Castamar’s cook replaces El nudo in Antena 3’s prime time from tomorrow

Castamar's cook replaces El nudo in Antena 3's prime time from tomorrow

On February 21, he arrived exclusively at ATRESplayer PREMIUM the Serie Castamar’s cook, a period drama that deserves all your attention, that has Michelle jenner and Roberto Enriquez as main protagonists.

Starting tomorrow, April 8, this literary adaptation of the eponymous novel by de Fernando J. Munez, will disembark in the prime time of Antenna 3 replacing the successful The knot, which you can also see in full on HBO.

Clara Belmonte arrives in Castamar fleeing from a painful past to work in the kitchen of the mansion of Diego, the Duke of Castamar.

The death of her father, executed after being accused of treason, generates in Clara anxiety attacks that prevent her from going abroad. The young woman takes refuge in the kitchen to survive and turns her work into her great passion. For his part, Diego also carries painful memories: the king forces him to abandon mourning for the death of his wife, who died in a fateful accident after announcing her pregnancy.

The arrival of Clara disrupts the Duke’s plans, as his mother is obsessed with the idea that her son has offspring, she will insist that he marry the noble Amelia Castro. The Marquis of Soto, Enrique de Arcona, will come to his aid, who in truth hides his true intentions, poisoned by envy and thirst for revenge.

“We wanted to make a series of time but with a patina of contemporaneity”, has expressed Sonia Martinez, fiction editorial director Buendía Studies, at a press conference. In this sense, he has remarked that the character of Michelle Jenner shows a woman in the 18th century but with a background that shows problems that we continue to deal with today.

Great technical craftsmanship, a carefully chosen cast, an artistic design and a sensational soundtrack … Get ready for a great banquet that we already talked about in our review of the first episode.

If you fancy a series to lick your fingers, you know, starting tomorrow you can taste Castamar’s cook in open in Antenna 3. Bon appetit!

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