35 years have passed since the first broadcast of Los Diminutos on TVE

35 years have passed since the first broadcast of Los Diminutos on TVE

This week we recall the nostalgia of many (and without wanting to make them see how old they are) remembering that yesterday, April 6, 2021, it was no more and no less than 35 years since it was broadcast for the first time on Spanish Television. The Tiny, one of the animation series most mythical of many childhoods.

Premiered on TVE on April 6, 1986, Los Diminutos is a series originally produced between 1983 and 1985 that is based on the characters of The littles, a series of children’s novels by the American author John peterson, whose song of the intro in Spanish was sung by many children (and who surely continue singing not so children anymore).

The plot of the series follows Henry Bigg (Quique Grande in the Spanish version), a 13-year-old young man who one day discovers the existence of a large family of tiny, mouse-like beings known as Los Pequeños, having among its members: Tito, Lucy, Dinky, Frank, Helen, Rufo and Little Grandpa.

Throughout its three seasons (having a total of 29 episodes), Los Diminutos will live exciting adventures, where in each episode of the cartoon series a moral lesson was learned to teach the little spectators. But every series has its villain, and in this case it is Professor Cepo, a man who is convinced of the existence of the Tiny, trying by all means to capture one of them to test his theories.

What others animation series of the time do you remember with more affection? We read you in our comments section. For our part, here we remind you of the 21 best cartoon series of the 80s.

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