Zombie Army 4 is updated with improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (free with PS Plus and Game Pass)

Zombie Army 4 is updated with improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (free with PS Plus and Game Pass)

If you like to pound zombies, Zombie Army 4 Dead War It is a great option, which you can also enjoy for free if you have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass. It’s about un spin-off of Sniper Elite, set in 1946: a year after defeating Hitler’s troops, the Nazis are resurrected and turned into zombies. We will have to clean all of Europe of these Nazi zombies, sending them back to the underworld.

As you can see, a very entertaining premise, in the form of a third-person shooter with high doses of gore (including a Kill Cam that shows in detail how our projectiles explode skulls, as if we had X-rays). And that from this week, you can enjoy with improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X. All of them freeYes, of course.

In Playstation 5 is included a single mode at 4K and 60fps and reduced loading times. These improvements are available from Tuesday, April 6, and you can enjoy them if you get the game on PS Plus (it is one of the free games in April, along with another zombie, Days Gone).

On Xbox consoles it depends on the console. In Xbox Series S there will be a single mode, at 1080p and 60fps, with reduced load times.

In Xbox series x there will be two graphics modes: quality (4K and 60fps) or performance (1080p and 120fps). In all three cases, the resolution is dynamic, and can be lowered to keep performance intact. Xbox enhancements will be available on April 8, coinciding with the arrival of Zombie Army 4 to Game Pass (on console and also on PC and Android).

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In addition, this new generation tuning coincides with a patch, also on PC, that will enable cross-play of Windows 10 with Steam and Epic; new music tracks and bug fixes.

Source: ZombieArmy

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