Xupermask, a futuristic mask for geeks with a cyberpunk touch

Xupermask, una mascarilla futurista para geeks con un toque cyberpunk 31

Honeywell has presented a curious futuristic mask that has a clear cyberpunk touch, and that it is directed to the lovers of technology. This mask is presented under the name of “Xupermask”, and the well-known artist «Will.i.am» has participated in its creation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to become friends with masks, and over the months we have seen how many companies took advantage of this reality to launch fully customized products, with different designs that offered an attractive aesthetic for certain users, although their level of protection was not up to what we can expect from a mask FFP2, and for the most part they were of mediocre quality.

With the Xupermask we are faced with a very curious case, since this futuristic mask has been manufactured by a company that has experience in producing KN95 masks, which means that it offers high quality, and also has a unique design and a level of performance that, of course, we would not find in any other mask.

Why are we talking about a futuristic mask?

Well, because the Xupermask integrates a set of advanced technology functions which, of course, set a precedent. This futuristic mask is made of mesh fabric and silicone, incorporates three double speed fans that help the HEPA filtration system, and comes with integrated Bluetooth headphones. These headphones feature noise cancellation to enhance the wearing experience.

And does it have LED lighting? Well, yes, of course, how could we give it the consideration of a futuristic cyberpunk-cut mask if it did not include said lighting? Jokes aside, yeah said lighting is integrated into the two filters located on each of the front sides, and a rechargeable battery is responsible for powering all the elements that make up this futuristic mask.

Honeywell has made it clear that while this mask has a high build quality, does not offer any type of medically certified filtration, so its real value lies in its design and the quality of its headphones. Is it worth paying for such a product? Considering that it will cost 299 dollars, my answer would be no, but I understand that it may be interesting for a specific user profile.

The Xupermask will have a very limited commercialization, so much so that it will only be sold directly on demand. It is much more profitable to buy a quality fabric mask and headphones, although if you miss the idea of ​​wearing some cool filters with LED lights on your face, maybe you should consider it.

We still have a mask for a while, unfortunately, and we may end up seeing new designs in the coming months with proposals as crazy as this one, but it is important that we always keep in mind that the degree of protection they offer is not at the level of the FFP2, no matter how much a futuristic mask they may have.

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