What’s new from the makers of Battletoads will also be 2D, and it’s based on a much-loved IP

What's new from the makers of Battletoads will also be 2D, and it's based on a much-loved IP

Dala Studios was the group chosen by Microsoft and Rare to resurrect the franchise Battletoads, featuring a new 2D action game with cartoon-style graphics, released last summer on Xbox One and PC. According to some job offers posted on your websiteIt seems that they are already working on a new title, which would be 2D again.

Specifically, they are looking for a 2D VFX artist with experience in frame-by-frame 2D animation, suggesting that their next project will maintain the same aesthetic as Battletoads. But perhaps the most interesting thing is when they say that “the chosen candidate will contribute to a very interesting new project with a very dear established and IP “.

It could be a sequel to Battletoads, as it has certainly been successful with audiences and critics to earn a continuation. Although they specify that it is a “new project”. And it would not have to be from a Microsoft IP, because Dala Studios is independent, although it all depends on which publisher produces the new game. Battletoads is the only game developed by Dala.

The truth is that the Battletoads formula (resurrecting beat’em up classics with 2D cartoon-style graphics) has become a common trend in recent years, with games like Streets of Rage 4 or the newly announced Ninja Turtles and Asterix and Obelix games. Of course, although Battletoads is a beat ’em up, perhaps its next game will be another genre, what seems certain is that it will have 2D graphics and animation. What IP would you like to see adapted with 2D graphics?

Source: Gaming Bolt

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