Users Propose Boycotting Genshin Impact Over Racist Details and Minority Representation

Users Propose Boycotting Genshin Impact Over Racist Details and Minority Representation

Genshin Impact continues as one of the most popular free games of the market, a lot in fact, but that does not mean that it is not without controversy by its players. If you remember correctly, around its release date there was players complaining by censoring certain words in the game chat.

However, what is coming now goes further, since through the hashtag #boycottgenshin on Twitter some Chinese gacha players have expressed their rejection of certain practices. One of them has summarized it in “teasing indigenous people, poor security system, laughing gachapon rates, indications of pedophilia, creation of an Asian continent without black people as representation, racist remarks“.

Other players They have published that, after replaying certain areas, you can see how they have included certain insults that can be associated with capacitism, discrimination or social prejudice towards disabled people. To put in context even an image of a character who says “… is too late to use those tactics“.

With all this, there are some more examples collected in ResetEra, however a user of the forums has warned that all these problems, although legitimate, can be frustrations over delays in the new patch. Apparently, in the coming months there will only be minor content and the version 1.5 will take much longer to arrive than expected.

Therefore, although criticism for racism, capacitism and other problems are justified, were exposed months ago and many have dedicated themselves to spamming that hashtag out of anger at the delays.

These are the new Genshin Impact weapons that will arrive with update 1.5, leaked by a dataminer

At the moment, we know that the Genshin Impact version 1.5 leaks were due to a MiHoYo bug with the beta, but we still don’t know the exact dates; logically, they are very early dates.

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