This 6TB external hard drive is all you need to store photos, videos and games, and it costs only 109 euros at Amazon

This 6TB external hard drive is all you need to store photos, videos and games, and it costs only 109 euros at Amazon

When we talk about units in the gaming world, we almost always mention the highest speed ones to be able to run games at maximum performance. However, sometimes speed is not relevant, but capacity is. And the time comes when any gamer worth his salt acquires a large-capacity hard drive to be able to store both games, photos or videos, so as not to have to continually erase or have the PC at the memory limit. If it is your case, you need this Seagate hard drive.

It is an external desktop hard drive that requires power, but offers us a storage capacity that will mean that we will not need any additional memory unit for a long time. It is perfect for storing games, for storing photos, videos and movies or series, or even for making backup copies. With the 6 TB of memory it has, it serves for all that at the same time. AND it only costs 109 euros on Amazon.

Not so long ago, buying a 1TB hard drive meant having to go for around 100 euros with ease. Today, luckily, the price of this type of device has dropped a lot and we can get a 6TB hard drive for a very similar price.

Is a 3.5-inch SATA drive, which means it is somewhat larger than portable hard drives and requires external power. It is also true that it is a desktop hard drive, so it is designed to be fixed in a place at home or in the office. This is ideal, although it may not seem like it, because we want to avoid moving these devices that have rotating and magnetic elements too much, since it is not so difficult to damage them. If we want to use them to store important files, such as work or files that we want to keep, the ideal is that it is a device that is at home in a fixed place knowing that it is always safe. In addition, we are hardly going to need a 6 TB capacity in mobility.

The disc is from Seagate, one of the reference brands in the world of hard drives and memory units, which makes it a trusted purchase. This is vital because today you will find many of these products from unknown manufacturers that are actually units that have not passed the quality controls of the main brands and are acquired by third parties. To use them to carry a file from one computer to another it does not matter, but when it comes to a 6 TB hard disk where we could have important files for our work or studies, or very valuable memories, as well as backup copies, it is better to choose for a trustworthy maca.

I know connects to a computer, PC or Mac, as well as a game console, through the USB 3.0 port, so the connection gives us enough speed to use it even to store video games with which to play on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X or Xbox One. 109 eurosIt is an essential purchase for those who are looking for a single hard drive at home where they have all the necessary storage.

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