The second part of the animated films Batman: The Long Halloween will be rated R

The second part of the animated films Batman: The Long Halloween will be rated R

The long Halloween is one of the most brutal and legendary stories in Batman comics. A serial killer starts perpetrating murders only on holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc. Batman is in his early years of fighting crime and has to collaborate with him Commissioner Gordon and the Attorney Harvey Dent To put an end to this wave of deaths, but in addition to the murderer, the calendar is against him, which is a challenge against time.

Warner is preparing to launch this year a two-part animated film of The Long Halloween, which will take us to this gripping story where the detective skills of the Dark Knight will be thoroughly put to the test.

The first installment of these two parts will arrive sometime in the summer and will have a rating of PG13However, in autumn the second part of The Long Halloween with a R rating that anticipates a lot of violence.

That rating anticipates a no-frills story that will delve into the darkest aspects of Batman’s early years. Part of The Long Halloween will also be adapted by The Batman, the film from Matt reeves starring Robert Pattinson (The lighthouse), although for now we will have to “settle” for this animation version that promises so much. Gotham It seems like a city conducive to throwing a party like Halloween, but this can be a totally deadly Halloween.

What do you think about the fact that the adaptation of The Long Halloween has an R rating? Will it fully capture the essence of the comics?

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