The new update 1.1.2 of Monster Hunter Rise fixes the bug that prevented access to the games

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Monster Hunter Rise has arrived on Nintendo Switch without major bugs, but last week a bug was reported that endangered the saved games of some players who had purchased a specific DLC.

Capcom warned of them to avoid problems, but luckily, a definitive solution to this flaw has already been found. The new 1.1.2 update of Monster Hunter Rise has already been released and with it fixes a few bugs and glitches.

Although you can consult all the notes of the patch in question a little further down, also We attach the list of errors that disappear from Monster Hunter Rise with this update:

  • Fixed a bug that caused controls to stop responding if you sat on a bench in the village, used the “Call Bubo” emote, and performed certain actions.
  • Fixed a bug that made menu options inaccessible when entering the meeting room with your Bubo on your arm, sitting on a bench, and opening the emote menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused controls to stop responding in certain circumstances when you receive a request for access while riding a Canyne assigned to your second buddy slot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused controls to stop responding when accepting an access request while.
  • Fixed a bug where save data will be corrupted when continuing the game from the title menu after exiting the game with the Attack pose set and the Damage pose set equipped in the action bar or radial menu. Now you can continue the game with the affected save data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused controls to become unresponsive when performing certain actions after using an updraft (rising wind) in lava caverns.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when changing skills in the item chest, if you used certain save data.

We are still waiting for the end of the month update. Monster Hunter Rise already exceeds 5 million copies sold worldwide. Also don’t miss the awesome cosplay of Nergigante from Monster Hunter that is wowing fans of the saga.

Source: Capcom

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