The James Bond game from the creators of Hitman will feature a new story inspired by the entire movie saga

The James Bond game from the creators of Hitman will feature a new story inspired by the entire movie saga

Last November, Project 007 was announced, the new james bond game by IO Interactive, creators of Hitman. Now from IGN we get a few words that they have had with their co-founder, Hakan Abrak, to talk about the history of the study and their future plans for this james bond game, Hitman 3 and more.

Abrak himself confirmed that IO will not use the appearance of any actor who has played 007, but the differences do not stop there, the story created by the study will be a new one for Bond. When asking if in IO Interactive will be inspired by movies or books, he said: “It is important to mention: making a licensed game is new here. We have only made our own IPs, we have created those characters … we, from scratch“.

“CI think we should embrace this entirely and, as I said, we don’t like to work ‘mechanically’, not because it’s a big IP, or a licensed game, and it’s commercially interesting … it doesn’t mean anything. We have taken non-commercial risks before, for us it is something we need to feel, passion has to be present and therefore it should not be an adaptation of the movies. That is why it is not a game based on a specific movie, where the story is already known.“.

Then it continued: “It is very important to be able to create a digital Bond, from the video game industry, we care a lot and we transmit it to EON [propietaria de James Bond] so they agreed that the result would be better like this“It seems that IO Interactive is very excited about this, each Bond defines a generation and how they continue to reinvent themselves after so many years.

That is why we are inspired by the whole, we aspire to create an original Bond and story, but at the same time that it is recognizable and true to the values ​​of James Bond. I am looking forward to creating a new community of players who can see it as original“.

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