The Baron Zemo Funko Pop is on Amazon, it costs € 14.95 and could be sold out soon

The Baron Zemo Funko Pop is on Amazon, it costs € 14.95 and could be sold out soon

New series are coming, new Funkos are coming. With the arrival of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, different figurines of characters that we still don’t know where they are going, as the new Captain America, a character of good intentions but with questionable methods.

In the last episode, one of the MCU’s most charismatic villains returned from oblivion: Baron Zemo, a vindictive and manipulative colonel superbly performed by Daniel Brühl. He already has his own action figure and not only that: he has already landed his Funko on Amazon for 14.95 euros, and it might sell out soon.

Get the Baron Zemo Funko for 14.95 euros

The Funko in question is like any figurine of this brand: a doll made of vinyl and about 9 centimeters high, with the characteristic look of these figurines but full of details in their clothes and accessories.

This version of Baron Zemo appears with his classic purple mask, covering his face. So we could see him almost at the end of the third episode, in a dubious climax that makes us wonder what the true role of this villain in the series is and whose side he is on.

The Funko has just been released, so there is still plenty of stock, but that do not be surprised that little by little it is exhausted since it is one of the most beloved characters of the MCU and whose return has been an exciting twist in this new universe of series that seem to connect directly with the movies.

Take advantage of the fact that it only costs 14.95 euros and get your own particular Baron Zemo. Also benefit from Amazon prime or Prime Student; If you open an account, you can enjoy its benefits for 30 days for free (three months in the case of Prime Student) and receive the Baron at home tomorrow.

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