Resident Evil Re: Verse beta is now downloadable, though testing has not yet begun

RE: Resident Evill Village Multiplayer Verse Confirms Open Beta Soon

Resident Evil Village is not the only game in the saga that lands this coming May. Along with him, he also arrives Resident Evil Re: Verse, a new bet within the multiplayer genre linked to the entire saga, but detached from the main installment.

RE Verse can be tested this week thanks to its open beta, which will be available for a few days. To start warming up, you can now download this trial version for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

In order to enjoy this RE Verse beta, you will need a Capcom registration ID. The trial will only be available for a limited time from April 8 at 06:00 to 11 of the same month at 05:59 (UTC), so take advantage of every hour if you are a fan of the saga.

But what is Resident Evil Re: Verse? It is a free-for-all mode, up to six players, which brings together a good handful of recognized characters within the Resident Evil world. In the games set in the great locations of many of its titles, we can choose such famous characters as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and even the colossal Nemesis. Of course, This title is geared towards action and short game frenzy high intensity.

May 7 is the date that everyone waits to discover the Village’s secrets. A promotional image for Resident Evil Village appears to show a mysterious new masked character. The last thing that has been known is that Resident Evil Village will have Photo Mode and we can skip scenes.

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