Playing DOOM in cross stitch is one of the most amazing things you will see today

Playing DOOM in cross stitch is one of the most amazing things you will see today

In the user community there is a kind of challenge through which they are always looking for strange and varied ways to move the DOOM video game, and we have already seen it running on a NES, also through a refrigerator or even on a mobile phone with potato battery, but what you’ve never seen, until now, is to be able to play DOOM in cross stitch.

Yes, we are talking about that cross stitch that invites us to sew and sew to create all kinds of crafts, and that surely once your parents or your grandparents have made for you. But right now someone has managed to make a cross stitch machine that uses different patterns to run a very motley version of DOOM.

The video, posted by Alastair Low In his social networks, he shows the materials he has needed to create this machine. Specifically, it has made use of a Arduino Mega mini-board and multiple input / output extenders to create a smart loom that can represent different scenes from the video game.

In order to operate it, he had to connect an external control knob and make a 25 × 25 grid, creating a machine capable of representing video game scenes in black and white, albeit in a very noisy way.

Obviously it is not expressly a cross stitch like the one we know of yesteryear, but it is under a set of materials that are intermixed with each other following a series of patterns and that represent scenes from the video game.

And it is that intelligent cross stitch animation is a market segment that has been growing steadily during all these last years, and where there are even developers who dedicate part of their time to creating this type of proposal.

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