Overlapping armor in Monster Hunter Rise: what are they, how to equip them and how many are there

Overlapping armor in Monster Hunter Rise: what are they, how to equip them and how many are there

The armor in Monster Hunter Rise is a fundamental part of the clothing of any hunter. These serve to protect against the blows and attacks of monsters and in addition, they also fulfill a purely aesthetic function.

Everyone likes to wear cool armor in Monster Hunter Rise, but also be equipped with the best of the best in terms of defense. This is where the two perspectives come into conflict. You may have to wear armor that you don’t like visually to be well protected. However, for that there is a solution, the overlapping trusses.

Overlapping armor in Monster Hunter Rise: what are they, how to equip them and how many are there

Layered armor is armor whose sole purpose serves a cosmetic purpose. That is, they are sets of armor that can be equipped over the armor that we wear and thus dress with a set that we like visually.

These armors lack stats and are available for hunters, canynes and felynes. They are a kind of sets related to the transmogrification, although this technique is not available, at the moment, in Rise. Which ones can we find in this game?

Monster Hunter Rise Overlapping Armor List

For now there are only a few overlapping trusses. We leave you the list of armor and how you can get it:

Amiibos Overlapping Armor:

  • Hunter Dark Seal Armor Set (Magnamalo Amiibo)
  • Canyne Dark Seal Armor Set) Canyne Amiibo)
  • Felyne Dark Seal Armor Set (Felyne Amiibo)

Advance order bonus:

  • Comrade “forest cat” layered armor
  • Layered armor for Comrade Canyne “golden retriever”

Deluxe Edition (paid DLC):

  • Layered armor for hunter “Kamurai”
  • Layered Armor Piece for Comrade Canyne “shuriken necklace”
  • Comrade Layered Armor Piece “Fish Collar”

Sets and individual pay pieces:

  • Layered Armor Piece “Fox Mask”
  • Layered Armor Piece “Theatrical Wig”
  • Layered Armor Piece “Wyverian Hoops”
  • Layered Armor Set “Nine Tails”
  • Layered armor set “Long coat”

How to equip an overlay armor in Monster Hunter Rise

It is very simple. All you have to do is go to your Chest of objects, select the last tab of Overlapping Armor and you will be able to access the hunter options. Here you can also change the color of said armor. On the contrary, if you want to change the armor of your comrades, access the comrade position in your home or in the village to carry out the same procedure.

Monster hunter rise

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